The perfect cover letter

Recently a friend of mine applied for a new job. Since he did not know anybody at the company he realized he needed a good cover letter to get through the first filtering and get the recruiter's attention. And so he did...


IoC - good, bad and ugly

I was reading this article that is doing a pretty good job at explaining in what situations an IoC container saves the day. And even though I dislike most uses of IoC containers I've seen I have found them useful once or twice.


Appreciating garbage

I once was working with a company that complained that my code was not optimized because it used 100% of the CPU. So I asked if the user interface was responsive. And it was. So I asked if they experienced any noticeable delays in responses. They didn't. So I asked for how long the CPU was at 100%. And the answer was...


Lying with statistics

Last week I told you about an article that brought back some old memories on how to lie with statistics.