Testing with fakes or stubs? That is the question!

I like testing with stubs. But once in a while I encounter people that rather use fakes. And that is a pattern I try to avoid.


Spies and Stubs

I was reading this article which is a response to an email from a person liking mocks but disliking spies. Before starting to read I was confused since I personally dislike mocks and spies sounded even worse. However it turned out I was wrong.


What is your test ROI

When we write code we sometimes get carried away and forget to think about if we are spending our time right. However more common I see people (including myself) forgetting to think of cost vs benefit of the tests we write.


How long does it take to understand the value of currency?

In my old blog I had a number of posts that are useful to people relocating in general and US specifically. The other day something happened that made me think it was time to bring that topic back to life