Inter service communication: pub/sub vs message bus vs req/response

Over the last few weeks I've been going over a few different ways to solve inter service communication. So which one is best then?


Inter service communication: pub/sub

In order to distinguish pub/sub from message bus communication I will assume the pub/sub does not use another component to distribute the data as that would be a message bus pattern. I will assume that the publisher knows about all subscribers either statically or dynamically.


Inter service communication: message bus

Last week we covered request/response communication and now it is time to talk about the complete opposite; message bus communication.


Inter service communication: request/response

Over the next few weeks I will cover a number of different ways to services can communicate with each other. First out is the classical request/response.


Code Coverage and nothing is too simple to test

So time to look back again and update some old opinions from June 2008. And while there are some other useful stuff in there I'll focus on code coverage and testing simple things. Because I feel the urge to explain myself...