What does a good exception message look like?

Today I have to bring up a great article that is over a year old. They topic is what exception messages really should look like. As bonus I would like to increase the scope of the discussion to also include log messages and test failures.


Alternatives to hydrating IEnumerables

You should know that whenever you get an IEnumerable you should only enumerate it twice as some implementations don't allow you to enumerate it twice. Normally you don't get an error the second time - just no more items. But what is really the best way to handle this?


Assigning vs picking tasks

If you have followed this blog for a while you know how important I think the choice of words are. But the difference between assigning and picking tasks within a team might be bigger than than you think.


Don't hold me accountable for old opinions

Once in a while I get a comment about something I wrote a long time ago and sometimes that is embarrassing as the opinion I expressed a while back might not be how I feel today on that subject. Hence I decided to look into some old blog posts and see how bad it is...