Sprint forecast over commitment

Every team I've ever been on that did Scrum (or ScrumBut) have always used the term sprint commitment when it comes to describing the result of sprint planning. Commitment is however a bad word.


What is the best time of day for stand-up meetings?

Daily stand-ups. Either you love them or you don't. I have tried a lot of different times of day for it and a lot of people wonder what is the best time to do it? But before I answer that I have to remind you that daily stand-ups is the daily planning meeting for the team - not a reporting meeting.


Where does the Repository belong?

Historically I've always viewed repository objects as part of the storage layer fairly deep down. But I recently had an interesting discussion that made me realize I never really meant it to be that way.


Two types of lazy

I recently updated a bathroom in my house and being given my interest in agile software development and craftsmanship I always find it interesting to work with painters etc since they in theory are the role model for craftsmanship. While greatly impressed by the tile guy the painters surprised me with a new level of laziness.