Two types of lazy

I recently updated a bathroom in my house and being given my interest in agile software development and craftsmanship I always find it interesting to work with painters etc since they in theory are the role model for craftsmanship. While greatly impressed by the tile guy the painters surprised me with a new level of laziness.

When I think about my own work I think I'm lazy. Lazy in the way that I don't want to do things that are not needed. But also another type of lazy where I want to make my life easy in the long run even if it means a little bit of extra work short term.

These painters however did not optimize for anything other than the present. After they considered themselves done I pointed out that there were several places where base boards and crown molding were planned to be added but I questioned if the paint was even close to cover all areas needed. There where also a few places where new cabinets and mirrors were to be added where the painters bet on there being no gaps while I personally would have assumed the worst of a few millimeters gap and taken the chance to cover those walls before anything else was put in place. That is a few minutes with a roller when it is easy vs waiting and see where detail touch-ups would be needed. Do I need to say there were several places where they needed to come back and adjust things...

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