CQRS types

While the concept of CQRS is fairly simple to explain my experience is that it takes some time to master. The reason is that there are a lot of things to unlearn if you're used to developing your vanilla application.


Stop estimating or?

I was listening to this Swedish podcast where the episode (episode 8) was titled "stop estimating" and since I hate estimates I started listening with high expectations. Naturally the title was chosen to be provocative but I was surprised that the message was actually to stop estimating.


Monitoring is Testing

So a while back I was approached by DZone for some feedback on software quality. After ranting for an hour I was asked if I would mind writing an article on the topic. So I did and it got published earlier this week.


Secure(r) IIS settings

If you are using IIS as a webserver you are probably interested making sure the service is configured to be as secure as possible.