Go for C# developers: Unit testing

Let’s talk about unit testing and Go. The fact that unit tests typically are placed side by side with the code (in the same package as the code under test) and how Go deals with exposing functions outside of a package leads to some interesting things.


Amazon AWS DevDay San Francisco: Serverless Track

Earlier this week I spent a day following the serverless track at the AWS dev day in San Francisco. I guess serverless is the "new thing" in "the cloud". By building a serverless service you build a service using an infra structure where you don't care about servers, virtual machines or containers but rather functional units.


Peek inside Netflix A/B testing

Just a quick suggestion for today. Read this article on A/B testing at Netflix as it both shows you the importance of supporting A/B testing in your platform as well as an interesting insight into how we humans work when looking for something to watch & chill.


Go for C# developers: Interfaces that are never nil

This was a funny feature I came across when i was learning Go. I was working with an API that used interfaces and was surprised that some of my code did not behave the way I expected.