Prioritizing, Sleeping and Interviews

September 2008 wasn't a bad month for my blogging.

I must have worked a lot with trying to get my code to sleep as there were two posts on that topic; both how to implement your own sub millisecond sleep but also emphasizing that sleep calls may take longer than the value you specify. I have a feeling we were working on some loop where certain work needed to happen once every X seconds and that it took some time to do that work...

I also introduced people to the Microsoft way of interviewing. Today this should not be a big surprise to anybody but in 2008 it was harder to get insight into the process (and as far as I've seen it has not changed much either). Actually still today I think a lot of people in Sweden have never heard of the technical, white board type of interviews that I've found very common in the US.

There is also a summary of a summary from Agile 2008. I had forgotten about the trading game to prioritize items and as I write this I actually have a good opportunity to use this method very soon so I think I'll give it a try.

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