Go for C# developers: Closures, loops and pointers

As a seasoned C# developer you should be familiar with the common pitfalls of closures where a variable in a lambda function is not always what you think it is. Go's pointers can easily introduce a similar problem even without the use of lambdas.


Go for C# developers: Go for Java developers

Ok, so I was lucky. Somebody else already covered the basics and I share the first impressions covered in this article. Since Java and C# (at least compared to Go) are pretty much the same, this is a good first read if you are in the C# world and want to explore the Go world. However there are two things I would like to point out.



Well it is that time. This week I started at Google so who knows which direction this blog takes now. At least I should be able to contribute yet another story on how to get a job at Google.


Military LINQ, Time and pointers for kids.

Wow, I was apparently very busy blogging in October 2008. While there are some things that I will not cover below that might be worth reading I wanted to highlight a few things. Both good and embarrassing stuff...