Your new BFF

I think it was a few years ago when Netflix blogged about how each client had their own server component and how this made the client development easier. A few weeks ago I read about this again in the context of micro services. The term Backend For Frontend (BFF) was coined.


Yet Another Code Coverage Rant

Instead of me ranting over why code coverage measurements can be good but in general are used in the wrong way; why don't I let somebody else do it for me...


Do I need to remove the Server header from my HTTP responses?

You might have heard the recommendation that your web server should not return the Server header to reveal exactly what software is being used. It even says so in the RFC. Given how hard it was to remove the Server header when using .Net HttpListener you might wonder what is really the right thing to do here.


Web service scale testing

When I say web service scale testing I mean testing to figure out how many instances of your service you need. This type of testing is really easy to explain but typically hard to get right.