What is the best time of day for stand-up meetings?

Daily stand-ups. Either you love them or you don't. I have tried a lot of different times of day for it and a lot of people wonder what is the best time to do it? But before I answer that I have to remind you that daily stand-ups is the daily planning meeting for the team - not a reporting meeting.

Since it is a planning meeting it makes sense to do it early in the day right? That is true if everybody comes in at the same time, otherwise it will not be in the beginning of the day for everybody.

How about mid-before-noon? Great for those late comers but I have seen a tendency that people who show up a little earlier don't do much work before the stand-up. I mean they do work but mostly less important stuff like email etc.

So how about right before lunch? Great to get the team to go to lunch together. Bad for those who needs an early lunch to run some errands... Right after lunch has the same problem.

Mid-afternoon means everybody is there and if you need to discuss anything, then you still have some time. You might however have forgot what you said when you get in the next morning.

Late afternoon means some people need to leave and miss it or at least miss any discussions or trouble shooting happening right after the stand-up.

So what is you pick given that? My pick is whatever works best for the team. Remember to experiment! Personally I use the right before lunch option if I need to build a team. Otherwise I personally prefer as soon as everybody is in the office. What is you preference and is it the same as what your team does?

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