Don't hold me accountable for old opinions

Once in a while I get a comment about something I wrote a long time ago and sometimes that is embarrassing as the opinion I expressed a while back might not be how I feel today on that subject. Hence I decided to look into some old blog posts and see how bad it is...

So I started looking at the very first month of my MSDN blog; April 2008. I wanted to comment on three of those.

First I'm scared that the Mocks are not Stubs post is that old as I still find my self explaining the differences once every few months. So at least something that still holds nor have I changed my opinion here.

Next is the article where I give some advice on how to get started with agile. While that approach worked for me then I have since changed my values significantly and the list in the article is reversed compared to how I feel today. The most important thing is to get a coach! Then to have retrospectives. That is all you need to get started!

Then there is my rant about open source. And sadly my experience with open source is still the same. It's a really nice way to get started but unless there is serious support behind the project there are things missing and sadly I'm not always in a position where I can contribute back (or even implement) a solution. Wonder if that will ever change.

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