Scrum is like riding a bike with training wheels.

Over the years I've grown to dislike Scrum, mostly because I've seen it abused and misunderstood. And an approach that makes it easy to screw up is not a good approach in my opinion.


Go for C# developers: Parsing and Formatting time

Time for something that really boggled my mind in the beginning; the choice of how time formats are created in Go.


Epoch (sic) Parties!

When going over the posts from February 2009 I found some moderately interesting stuff and then one real gem. And it was not the fact that we passed epoch time 1234567890.


Go for C# developers: Polymorphism

One of the things I miss the most in Go is polymorphism. I must confess that the lack of polymorphism is one of those things that still annoys me sometimes.


Go for C# developers: Go is not a functional language

Last week covered a lot of ground but that articled linked last week did not cover another aspect of Go that might bite you.



Slow tests, courage and zombie driven development

When I was going over my old posts from January 2009 I had a flashback of how I for a while aimed at posting something every other day. Today I must say quality may have suffered from that and I apologize... So here are the highlights...


What is the most vulnerable operating system?

For whatever reason I needed some data on what the most vulnerable operating system was and instead I stumbled over some questionable use of statistics. At least in my opinion.