A new schedule

For a long time I've made sure that there was something happening here on a regular basis. I've decided regular is no longer going to be the case.


All in on async/await

While I haven't been coding in C# for about a year now I couldn't resist reading this recent article. A nice write-up where I only want to make two additions.


Go for C# developers: functions vs methods

I must admit that I often use the words function and method interchangeable. Probably because I was once taught that a method is a function that does not return anything. In the Go vocabulary however there is a clear difference and a nice method gotcha!


Scrum is like riding a bike with training wheels.

Over the years I've grown to dislike Scrum, mostly because I've seen it abused and misunderstood. And an approach that makes it easy to screw up is not a good approach in my opinion.


Go for C# developers: Parsing and Formatting time

Time for something that really boggled my mind in the beginning; the choice of how time formats are created in Go.


Epoch (sic) Parties!

When going over the posts from February 2009 I found some moderately interesting stuff and then one real gem. And it was not the fact that we passed epoch time 1234567890.


Go for C# developers: Polymorphism

One of the things I miss the most in Go is polymorphism. I must confess that the lack of polymorphism is one of those things that still annoys me sometimes.


Go for C# developers: Go is not a functional language

Last week covered a lot of ground but that articled linked last week did not cover another aspect of Go that might bite you.