Hiding email until you need to read it

If you ever read a blog by a Microsoft employee before I'm sure you have read about how they struggle with the amount of email they receive. I guess this is my second time around writing about this.

A few months ago I tried this approach where a filter is used to hide all email that you do not need to respond to yet. It did not really work for me. My preference is to deal with email as soon as possible and keep my inbox empty. If I need to wait for something before I respond I just leave it in the inbox.

I do however use rules to automatically move things away from the inbox automatically and the approach there is simple; non critical mailing lists go to separate folders. Anything not sent directly to me or one of my critical mailing lists go into a "NOT TO ME" folder that I check a few times a day.

Everything else end up in my inbox which I use kind of like a TODO list. Anything read in the inbox means I need to revisit it soon in order to remove it from my inbox.

How do you deal with a huge email flow?

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