Software Development in different cultures

I was listening to this podcast which is talking about how the culture at different software companies is different in different parts of the world. I found it extra intriguing to hear how foreigners perceived working in Scandinavia vs their home countries since I've done the opposite journey.

And while I've never experienced dress codes or strict managers as I recognize a lot of the things from that podcast. My own "favorite" differences between where I worked in Sweden and where I've worked in the US are. And these are my perspective and not necessarily true for all companies nor US residents:

  • In the US people in general are more conscious about their career. I definitely think more about my career than before when I just did whatever I liked.
  • In the US people don't socialize as much at work. Lunch is eaten in your office and you always go home after work.
  • Your title/position in the company is more important than what you actually know/do both in terms of influence and compensation.
I'd like to hear more stories about how you feel about working in Sweden or the US as a foreigner or vice versa.

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