Removing stuff you don't need

So I start this series of updated old opinions and the MSDN blog change interface so there are no longer links to monthly archives except the last three months of posts. There is some logic to it I guess since it keeps the archive list shorter but I wish they made it configurable... Anyway; this time it is time to talk about some posts from July 2008 which can be found on this page.

Not sure why I need to delete empty folders on a unix machine, but I guess that is still a nifty script.

When it comes to my rant about not using auto generated SQL for data access I haven't changed my mind. I just wish I've emphasized more on the key point. A point that does not only apply to the use of DAL frameworks; whenever you use a component from somebody else - use abstractions in front of that component so you can replace it with something else. Some components come with interfaces you can reuse so you don't have to invent your own but sometimes that is necessary. That practice have saved me multiple times.

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