How to prevent your users from deposit checks with your app

So it has been a long time since I encountered a user interface that make stupid assumptions about their users but a few weeks ago my bank managed to do so.

I had just downloaded my bank's iOS app in order to deposit a check I've received. As part of the workflow I have to enter the amount on the check and my phone brings up a nice numeric only keyboard. Since I've set my iPhone to display dates and numbers the Swedish way the numeric keyboard only has a comma and no dot as we in Sweden (and a lot of other countries) use decimal commas rather than decimal dots and then only space rather than a comma to separate thousands for readability.

Anyway, using this keyboard I enter 123,45 and get an error from the app - invalid number. I had to open a note, enter "123.45" which I copied and then pasted in my bank app. Stupid.

Pre-emptive comment:
If there is some secret way to switch away from the numeric only keyboard it is well hidden so regardless this is a bad app making stupid assumptions about how users use the app.

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