Fire and the US insurance system

It has been a long time since there was something interesting to write about in regards to relocating to the US. And it is a weird coincidence that once I started blogging again - something happened that makes me pick up this topic again. Since I lost a home in the Marshall Fire I'm about to learn a lot about insurance companies in the US.

Compared to a lot of victims in the fire we were very lucky; we were never in any danger evacuating and since we recently moved into the house we still had a box of all valuables and important documents packed so we could quickly grab those and have not had to deal with replacing various documents.

I have also learned that people in this area are extremely willing to help people in need and I have learned quickly to accept any offers for help. Even small things like not having to cook a meal or a small gift card is helpful to everybody in a situation like this.

An alarming thing however is that there seems to be a disconnect between insurance companies and builders and the expectation is that the majority of home owners are under insured meaning insurance will not cover all the cost to rebuild homes. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and the effect on the community because of this.

So if you live in the US - call your insurance company and make sure you have coverage to rebuild a home - even with recent rapid increase in building costs!

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