How to annoy your users featuring Volvo

I've owned a Volvo since 2017 and I would have hoped would have been fixed by a software update at this time, but no. So here are two things that annoy me pretty much every time I use the car. And then a third recent WTF moment.

Driver specific keys and seat adjustments

There are separate seat adjustments for myself and my wife. Basically I'm taller than my wife and I want zero lumbar support while my wife want plenty of lumbar support. Our personal settings are programmed into separate buttons in the car. We also have our own personal keys that are paired with our respective seat settings.

So every time my wife has used the car and I open the car with my key the seat adjusts to my settings, right? No, maybe half the time the seat adjusts position and the rest of the time I need to push my button in the car. Then the seat adjusts position but not the lumbar support! In order to adjust the lumbar support I need to keep my personalized setting button pressed until the lumbar support adjusts.

How is this a thing? The lumbar support position is obviously programmed into the system but for some reason it does not adjust that automatically the same way the seat position does.

Always turn on music

So if I listened to a podcast on my phone (connected to the car) in my last drive I probably wanna continue listening the next time I get into the car, right? But my phone is not connected when I open the door to the car so what does the car do? Obviously it turns on a random radio station.

So I figured, maybe I should turn off my podcast before turning off the car so it doe snot automatically turn on the radio. I've tried turning my podcasts off several minutes before stopping and turning off the car. Still no success - my car really wants me to listen to the radio.

Service required means replace a fuse

I recently, during cold weather, had some problems with the adjustable suspension on the car. And the next day there was a message from the car telling me I need to service the suspension of the car. Since the adjustable suspension was not working I got an appointment to get it fixed.

Turned out the fuse for the suspension needed to be replaced. I wish the car would tell me a fuse was broken (or indicate no power to the suspension system) rather than suggest I need to service the car.

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