Rant over a sloppy scammer

Occasionally I come across some really good scam attempts. But most of the time I'm surprised at how bad scams are presented. Let's look at a recent scam I received.

This was one of the typical refund scams where they send you a receipt for something hoping that you'll call back for a refund. If you're interested in knowing what those calls sound like (and see somebody have some fun with the scammer) - here is one of many videos of that.

So the scam email I received was such a lazy attempt. First of all the sender was just a random gmail address (no attempt spoofing a realistic sender) and the subject was just the work "order" with a few random numbers. There was no message in the body and only an attached file that had a random characters and number for a name.

Let's take a look at that attachment. From the top note a few things:
  • The order number overflows to the edge of the page - Professional!
  • "Thurs" is definitely one way to abbreviate Thursday, but I would have expected just "Thu" given that the payment date is abbreviated "Fri". Maybe a small thing - but it caught my eye.
  • So the thing I "purchased" was $310.99 including tax - yet Paypal added tax. I guess that's another reason to call an demand a refund.
  • And the tax (12.58%) of $310.99 is not $38.99 - It's $39.12.
  • They definitely want me to make sure I know I can call them and cancel since they mention it three times!
  • Capitalization is wrong (using upper case i in the middle of a sentence and starting another with lower case c.
  • What does it even mean that the amount is done through Amazon but purchasing done through PayPal?
  • A cherry on the top I think is that what if I don't remember this but go check what this Norton 360 deluxe is? Maybe it's something I want. I guess I'll now definitely call for a refund since the actual prize is $109.99.
I guess there is no point in wasting time paying attention to details when scams like this still fool people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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