When in doubt - don't brick your hardware

Being an Xfinity Home customer I've had two interesting experiences with their hardware. The user experience have been weird at best.


Xbox One Launch Day

So what is it like to launch Xbox One? Given that it started 3am local time when New Zeeland first launched it has been an interesting and long day.


Hiding email until you need to read it

If you ever read a blog by a Microsoft employee before I'm sure you have read about how they struggle with the amount of email they receive. I guess this is my second time around writing about this.


What you really need to know when authoring NuGet packages

I have noticed that most articles on how to author NuGet packages focus on the practical part; which commands to run and how to setup your own NuGet server. All these articles also fail to point out the most important information in the NuGet guidelines.


My worst stand-up(s)

Reading this story about the worst daily scrum ever made me think about my own experience. An both actually reminds me of what happened in the linked story.


What is technical debt really about?

When you think about the reasons for reducing technical debt; what do your think about?


Unexpected Progress

When I was working on the WithProgress extensions I learned something about Progress<T> that I didn't expect.


Evolution of a handrolled fake - part 5

As you may know if you followed my blog before; I like to roll my own fake. For interfaces it is pretty straight forward with explicit implementation of the interface and properties with delegates for implementation.


Task-based Asynchronous pattern - for your pleasure

If you liked my old series of articles covering TAP and especially the different extension methods I showed. Then you will be even happier now.