Books, Mocks and Open Source

So time to look back again and update some old opinions from May 2008. This time I'd like to talk about three old articles.

As mentioned in my post covering April 2008, my hatred against mocks is still valid. Mocks in its strict definition of a test dummy that records interactions and verifies order och content of those interactions. If you are not doing all that you are just using a stub which is perfectly fine.

Then there is the agile book recommendations. Sadly enough I don't have many new books to add to that list. And the order still applies. And the #1 book is even better today as I've mentioned before.

Lastly I noticed that the May 2008 articles have a common theme; I'm showing off a bunch of stuff that I've done. Good for me. That is why I lastly must mention the when pigs fly post. I must say that given how much of Microsoft's stuff is open source today I'm excited that I was on a team that was one of the first to put a Microsoft product as open source out there. And it is still available on CodePlex.

So all in all, the May 2008 me does not have any major disagreements with today-self. That is actually a bit scary...

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